1.1 Sports betting is carried out by MASSALIA SMC LTD, Plot 3 Dundas Road, Kololo Courts, PO Box 75640, Lower Kololo, Kampala, Uganda (hence referred to as the “company”).

1.2 Any legal relationship between the client and the company shall be governed by these terms and conditions of sports betting. The wager is not invalidated if the terms and conditions are not understood.


2.1. To participate in online sports betting and to put bets, a person must be older than a minor, as specified by the Ugandan constitution. The customer attests that he is aware of the terms and conditions.

2.2 Each customer is required to provide identification documentation when requested to do so by a customer service representative while placing a wager or before receiving a payout; otherwise, the company may halt the transaction until the requirement is satisfied.

2.3 The company is not required to accept a wager from a customer who is inebriated, acting inappropriately, or breaking these terms and conditions.


3.1. AKO bets are wagers that include one or more betting opportunities. The outcome of multiplying all selected odds from all betting possibilities on the ticket is the ultimate odds in an AKO wager. Always round final odds to two decimal places. The final odds are rounded up when the third decimal point is the number 5, so 3.125 becomes 3.13. Only when all betting possibilities are correctly foreseen is the ticket considered a winner.

3.2. A system bet known as a “COMBI bet” comprises of two or more AKO bets. The client’s selections are combined into various mathematical combinations to make this wager. A COMBI bet is technically a collection of AKO bets that are listed on a single ticket. In a COMBI bet, either a short listing (which informs about the range of the potential payoff considering potential errors on the ticket) or a full listing, which shows all possible combinations, can be offered. The so-called bankers, which are picks a customer is persuaded to guess correctly, can be included in a COMBI wager, but if one of the picks loses, the entire ticket is lost. Those picks belong in the MUST WIN category. Other groupings, which are designated by the alphabetic letters, are only permitted to have one choice.


4.1. Opportunities for wagering on events with two potential outcomes (such as the tennis or volleyball match winner)

4.2. Betting chances with three potential results (such as the final score in ice hockey or soccer).

4.3. Possibilities for placing bets on an individual’s or team’s performance (for example, the Premier League or World Cup winner).

4.4. Additional wagering options – These include, but are not limited to, wagers on a match’s precise result, placement, the outcome of the match as a whole, the first set, handicap wagers, etc.


5.1 Odds are calculated as variable values. The organization retains the right to modify the odds offered at any time and to halt or cease wagering on events before their planned start time.

5.2. The company releases the odds. The odds are accurate at the moment of the wager and are legally binding for both parties, regardless of any changes that may occur later. except when rule 10 (Bet refund) is in effect.

5.3. The minimum and maximum stake amounts for an AKO bet, respectively, are 1,000 UGX and 5,000,000 UGX, respectively, per ticket. The minimum stake for a COMBI bet is 1,000 UGX per ticket, and the minimum stake is 1,000 UGX or its integer multiples for each type of combination (1-AKO, 2-AKO, 3-AKO, etc.). The company has the right to set a greater level for individual bet types, and it is required to publish information about this adjustment. If the company does not restrict the maximum stake for specific types of bets differently, the maximum betting amount is limited to the maximum payout(see below).

5.4. The maximum number of betting options that a client may select for an AKO wager is 150. Except for the MUST WIN group, which follows the same rules as the AKO bet, only one option (tip) is permitted per group in the event of a COMBI bet.

5.5. The maximum winning per ticket for both an AKO bet and a COMBI bet is 1,000,000,000 UGX.

5.6 Payoff restrictions: The maximum payoff for an AKO bet and a COMBI bet is 850,000,000 UGX. Overage winnings won’t be paid out, and the client won’t have a legal claim to the payment of such a prize. Deposit amounts are limited; the minimum deposit amount is 1,000 UGX, and the maximum deposit amount is uncapped per transaction.

5.7. There are no minimum or maximum withdrawal amounts per transaction; instead, they are both 1,000 Ugandan shillings.


6.1. The company’s employee may only place bets on sporting events for which the company has made odds public. A wager may occasionally be subject to authorisation. The service provider will inform the client about it. This wager can be accepted, rejected, or the stake amount can be adjusted. 

6.2. The client should provide the following information to the service provider:

  •  what kind of wager (AKO wager or COMBI wager) he/she intends to make.
  •  his/her selection (tip) of the outcome, the ID of the betting chance based on the published offer, and the bet. 

Before printing a COMBI ticket, the service worker shall inform the client about the total bet immediately following the client’s approval of the details. After the client’s payment, the service worker will print the ticket and give it to the client. The service worker will input all the data provided to the computer and print the ticket for the client and give it to the client after receiving the total amount of stake.

The client acknowledges and accepts these terms and conditions by placing a bet and getting the ticket.

6.3 The client is told by the service worker if the stake amount is inconsistent with the terms and conditions (stake amount, maximum payout, etc.), and the bet is placed and approved after the stake is changed to comply with the requirement.

6.4 The client must verify that all the information on the ticket matches the information he gave. The customer should notify the service representative right away if they discover an error so that it can be fixed. Ten minutes after the ticket was placed or when any betting opportunity on the ticket began, complaints that were made will not be taken into consideration.

The client is also responsible for inspecting the cash that has been refunded. Late complaints will not be taken into account.

6.5. There is no cap on the number of bets a client can place, but each time they place a wager, the terms of the previous wager may have changed (odds adjustment, bet rejection, etc.).

6.6. Changing a ticket after it has been issued is prohibited. Additionally, it’s against the law to falsify a ticket, thus any requests for a payout or for the voiding of the ticket are ignored as a result.


7.1. The company will post all official results on the system and in the betting offices. If an official result that has been published is wrong, the client’s entitlement to claim the prize is unaffected as long as the client accurately predicted the outcome.

7.2 Any apparent error in the published result that is the subject of a complaint must be noted. In this scenario, payouts in accordance with the accurate outcome will start as soon as the result is revised.

7.3 If the following criteria are met: the game was properly played from the start of play time until the end of play time (without extra time, penalty shootouts, etc.), and it was properly concluded, the official result is considered to be the one that was achieved on the playing field. For example, soccer has a determined playing time of 90 minutes plus an injury time.

7.4 If a match concludes during the allotted playing time and is then resumed or re-played, the outcome of the first match determined on the playing field is used. The final decision of the competent authority shall apply to bet types that “qualify” (such as cup matches), but only if a protest is submitted (or another information that may have an impact on this bet type) prior to the start of winners payout. In situations where the playing time is not fixed, similar approaches are used. Further score adjustments won’t be taken into account.

7.5. No further modifications of results (proven doping, etc.) will be considered once the official result has been declared and a protest has been resolved.


8.1 Fortebet reserves the right, but is under no obligation to, cancel bets placed on a match or event that is postponed, halted, and began or restarted more than 48 hours after the initial start date.

All wagers made before the event’s start remain valid even if it begins before the date originally predicted.

8.2 Fortebet reserves the right to void bets on a match or event if it is abandoned and finished early due to unforeseen events like bad weather, a power outage, a fan riot, etc., such as a match or event with a predetermined playing time or other predetermined criteria (number of sets, rounds, etc.).

Bets that have a known outcome at the time of the match’s abandonment or conclusion (e.g., halftime score, team to score, amount of goals, etc.) will be settled.

8.3 All wagering possibilities whose outcomes have not yet been decided upon will be deemed worthless in the event of retirement, disqualification, or walkover (given win).

8.4 In the event that the home team is incorrectly identified (as in a soccer match), your chance to wager will be null and worthless. In this scenario, regardless of the result, all bets are void. When the event is taking place on neutral ground, this regulation does not apply.

8.5 The bet will be deemed worthless if it is placed after the game has officially begun.

8.6. In the following circumstances, bets will be returned and deemed invalid and void:

  • Related bets – those are betting chances that, either directly or indirectly, support one another.
  • Influence betting – when a customer’s account holder or third parties working on their behalf can directly or indirectly affect the result of a game or event.
  • Syndicate betting – when gamblers band together to place a number of wagers on the same game or event. 

8.7. Mistakes and errors – Since betting takes place in a fast-paced environment where odds change often and bets are placed continuously, mistakes do occasionally happen.Despite our best efforts to ensure complete correctness, we cannot assume responsibility for any obvious errors or omissions with regard to the announcement, publication, or marking of odds, the late closing of markets, or outcomes.

8.8. ForteBet has the right to void any ticket that was accepted with an error at its sole discretion. A mistake, misprint, misinterpretation, mistranslation, technical hazard, manifest error, force majeure, and/or other comparable terms are all considered errors. Errors can take many forms, including, but not restricted to:

  • bets accepted that would not have been accepted absent technical issues.
  • wagers made on already concluded games or events.
  • wagers on sportsbooks that include the wrong teams or opponents.
  • bets that were made at odds that were notably different from those that were common in the market at the time the bet was made.

Given the likelihood that the event would occur at the time the wager was placed, odds that were erroneously settled bets were obviously incorrect.

8.9. If the settled ticket’s total odds are 1, the bet will be fully refunded. In all other circumstances, AKO and COMBI tickets are still valid, and all void bets are removed from the ticket. The winning (if any) is then determined without taking these bets’ odds into account.

8.9 Bets on games or markets where the outcome cannot be determined will be declared worthless 24 hours after the game has begun.